20. IC1396

IC 1396  RA: 21h 39.1'  Dec: +57 30'   Cepheus (Cep)

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IC 1396 is a large emission nebula and star forming region in Cepheus with a low surface brightness. It is over 100 light-years across and about 2,400 light-years away. It is energized by the bright, bluish central multiple star called HD 206267.

The nebula is comprised of gas and dust with an embedded scattering of hot stars. The most imaged feature in IC 1396 is the Elephant's Trunk nebula, a star forming region within the main nebula.

The brightest star (38,000 Lsol) in the frame is mu Cephei. It is a red supergiant star with a diameter larger than the orbit of Saturn and is one of the largest stars we know of. Also called Herschel's Garnet Star, mu Cephei is a variable star that changes in magnitude from 3.4 to 5.1 over a period of approximately 730 days.

Main Image Information

Location Fingal ON
Date Sept 1 2008
Optics Nikkor 180ED f/2.8
Filters None
Mount Celestron CGE
Camera Canon 350D
ISO 800
Subexposures 6
Exposure Length 420
Guider SV 80/9D and an ST-4

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