Hercules Cluster

33. Hercules Cluster

Messier 13  RA: 16h 41.7'  Dec: +36 28'   Hercules (Her)

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Messier 13 or M13, also designated NGC 6205 and sometimes called the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules or the Hercules Globular Cluster, is a globular cluster of several hundred thousand stars in the constellation of Hercules.
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Messier 13 is one of the prime observing targets in the northern hemisphere. Big, bright and bold it rides between two contrasting coloured stars. An 8in SCT frames it nicely with a 10mm eyepiece.

In the image above two bacground galaxies can be seen:
NGC6207 can be easily seen in the upper right corner and is 64mly away, and
IC4617 is further away and a bit harder to see just up and to the left of the cluster and is 8 times farther away from us.

Main Image Information

Location Fingal ON
Date Sept 15 2009
Optics Stellarvue 102ED
Filters None
Mount Celestron CGE
Camera Canon 350D
ISO 800
Subexposures 14
Exposure Length 240
Guider SV NH2 with ST-4

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